Drima srl
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Drima srl
The quality since 1964

DRIMA SRL has been dealing in shear spinning and flow forming since 1964. Quality, cost-efficiency and dependability are the strong points of the company, which uses state-of-the-art machinery and an ISO 9001 certified quality system.

The company specialises in the manufacture of parts made using the spinning method for use in numerous sectors, such as:

Farming Farming   Building construction Building construction
Telecommunications Telecommunications   IndustElectromechnaical industry Electromechnaical industry
Attrezzature da Garden and household implements and equipment Garden and household implements and equipment   Automotive Automotive
Lighting Lighting   Suction and fanning Suction and fanning

Tel. +39 030 9637159 - fax +39 030 9667403 - drima@drima.it - Web credits
Drima srl
Registered office and Branch factory
Via Madonnina, 74
25018 Montichiari (BS) Italy